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Rules & Regulations

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  1. All students have to keep discipline in the class room and obey the order of Director, Principal and Instructors.
  2. All students have to attend the classes daily.
  3. All students have to remit the monthly fee, mess fees on the prescribed date without any fail. Otherwise fine will be charged as per the college rule.
  4. Certificates will be issued only after the final Examination and no other certificate will be issued from the College as prescribed in the prospectus.
  5. Students have to submit their original SSLC book and plus two certificates (if any) and the same will be kept safe till the end of the course.
  6. If the course is not completed within the time, Director of the college has the full right to extend the period and students cannot question.
  7. Director/Principal of College has the full right to change the class timing.
  8. Students have no right to refuse any technical practical training.
  9. Remitted amount for the whole Course (part or full) will not be refunded under any circumstances even a student is not able to attend the class.
  10. Students who discontinue the Course have to remit balance monthly fees and collect documents from College within 20 days.
  11. All students have to wear prescribed uniform in the class room & practical centre on all working days strictly.
  12. All students are not suppose to wear lunghi, dhoti etc. around college, hostel or anywhere in Ernakulam city or any other branches.
  13. If any damage occurred in the hostel /College, a fine will be charged as per the rule.
  14. Order from hostel warden may obeyed by students, for the better discipline.
  15. The rules and regulations shall be binding on all students. This may change without prior intimation.
  16. Fee once paid are not refundable or transferable for any reason under any circumstances.
  17. If the behavior of the students is found detrimental to the smooth functioning of the College and the Hostel, he will be dismissed/ removed from the College and debarred. Students will not be re-admitted and his fees fully forfeited.
  18. Use of tobacco and alcohol is strictly prohibited in the College and the Hostel campus. Even beer and wine are also considered as alcohol. Fine will be charged to the defaulters up to `5000/-or suspended/dismissed.
  19. In case of any dispute the principal’s discretion and decision will be final and the students are to abide by these rules and regulations strictly.
  20. Use of camera mobiles are not allowed in college & hostel campus for one year.
  21. If any person found guilty of producing false certificate he shall be de-barred from he course at any stage and shall be punished as per the law by forwarding the report to the local police.
  22. Any students who is found involved in willful subordination, mischievous or guilty of any grave offence including ragging of junior students (order from Supreme Court) may be according to the
    degree of the offence censured, suspended or dismissed from the institute by the principal. The Principal is the full authority to take appropriate immediate action.
  23. Students must pay for all damages caused by them in the study centre and hostel.
  24. Record books, assignment and log books if any should be submitted to the instructors in time and get corrected.
  25. Any such punishment inflicted shall duly recorded and the fact intimated to Higher authorities.

    These courses are not for seamen.